Our practice was purpose built to care for the animals in Maidstone more than 100 years ago

Our practice was established roughly 100 years ago. It moved to various locations throughout the years before we settled in Weavering and had our hospital purpose built in 1990. We were the first practice in the area to offer tier 3 hospital facilities and procedures, and we continue to offer our patients a hospital that is accredited at the highest standard. 

Throughout its impressive history our practice has undergone considerable development to become the impeccable service we have to offer today. It was originally a mixed animal practice (farm animals, horses and domestic pets). Today we have separate dedicated small animal and equine facilities at Newnham Court. 

We have 4 highly experienced and exceptionally skilled directors who run our small animal practice. They each have different areas of expertise and take particular personal interest in various areas of veterinary medicine. This means we are able to offer animals a vet who is expertly suited to their specific needs.

aboutThe nurses at our practice each possess a friendly and approachable demeanour. They are able to offer extensive information on a number of animal related queries. They can also provide you with great tips and past experience that will help you provide the very best care for your pet. 

At Newnham Court Vets we are dedicated to maintaining a fresh and modern attitude towards veterinary care. Our team, both surgeons and nurses, attend regular courses to update, refresh and introduce them to new ideas in the veterinary world. This educational approach means that your pet is in the greatest, most knowledgeable hands at all times.  

In 1998 we introduced the first independent emergency animal service to the pet owners of Maidstone and surrounding areas. This allows all our patients to rest assured that there is always help at hand for their pets should something go wrong out of practice hours. You can visit www.petemergency.co.uk  for more information about this service. 

To have your pet treated by the practice that has been caring for animals for 100 years, get in touch. You can call us on 01622 734555 or send us a fax on 01622 736512. Alternatively, send us an email at enquiries@newnhamvets.com. For out of hours animal care call our emergency service on 01622 734054. 

To say thank you for choosing Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital to care for your pet, we’d like to offer all new clients registering at our practice a £10 voucher. This can be used towards your pet’s first consultation, toys, food or accessories. All you have to do to receive your voucher today is fill in your details below.