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Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI as it is commonly know has been part of Newnham Court since August 2000. A mobile unit attends the surgery once a month with a highly skilled radiographer on board to ensure accurate positioning of the patient and that the appropriate scans are taken according to each patients requirements.

MRI combines a powerful magnetic field, radio waves and a sophisticated computer to take images in different planes which are not possible using conventional x-rays.

It is a non-invasive technique but it does require an anaesthetic to ensure the patient remains still and is not distressed in anyway by the sounds made by the scanner.

At the end of each session a CD of the patients scans is given to the referring vet and a master copy of the scans is sent to Geoff Skerritt BVSc, MIBiol, DECVN,FRCVS, RCVS and European Specialist in Veterinary Neurology.

Geoff’s team interprets each patients scans and clinical history before sending a written report to each case vet, this usually takes 7-10 days with priority cases being actioned first.

For further information please contact Rita Johnson on 01622 734555.

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Eye clinic

Newnham Court runs a biannual eye clinic with the help and assistance of Professor Peter Bedford BvetMed,PhD,DipECVO,ILTM,DVOphthal FRCVS, a BVA panelist who is an internationally recognized ophthalmologist who still works at the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals, Potters Bar and spends most of his spare time lecturing and running eye clinics up and down the country to screen all types of breeds for ophthalmic congenital and hereditary defects to try to reduce the gene pool of carriers and to work alongside the BVA to help to educate owners about the problems these conditions cause.

Professor Bedford is also available to see any other ophthalmic case that may need expert advice and he will often follow these cases through with surgical intervention at the Queen Mother Hospital should the case warrant it.

Eye testing should be done each year and is an important part of a breeders responsibility to help eradicate hereditary conditions so if you decide to breed from your dog in the future give us a call to make an appointment all you need is the Kennel Club Registration Document. Many new pet owners will now expect to see that their puppies parents have been screened.

For further information look on the BVA website www.bva.co.uk.

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