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Losing a pet is a very traumatic time for anyone, sometimes you may know that the time is coming near and you can plan ahead as to what you would like to do for their final resting place.

On other occasions the decision is sprung upon us and it is very difficult to take everything in at once.

You may choose to take your pet home for burial or you may choose to make private arrangements, but if you prefer we can offer you a range of cremation services.

You can choose to have the ashes returned to you either in a scattering box or a casket so that you can choose your pet’s final resting place, but this is an additional cost to be considered.

Alternatively should this option not meet with your requirements we can arrange for your pet to be cremated but no ashes will be returned to you.

Cherry Tree Pet Crematorium


Cremations are undertaken on our behalf by David Funnell’s Cherry Tree Pet Crematorium; a reputable family owned company that has been established for over 14 years.

You can read more about Cherry Tree on their website:

If you choose to have an individual cremation, you can choose to have the ashes returned to you in a scattering box or in a casket.

The ashes are returned to us within 7-10 days. We will then give your a call to allow you time to arrange for their collection.

Alternatively should you prefer, we can arrange for your pet to be cremated but no ashes will be returned to you.

It is always a sad and difficult decision to make and we do understand that sometimes you may need a little time to consult other family members and we can help by holding on to your pet for a few hours whilst you make your decision. Unfortunately we do have to put a time limit on this as we do not have the storage facilities that are available when dealing with a human bereavement.

Unfortunately there is never a right time to raise the question of settling the final account for a loved pet. Some people want to deal with it straight away and for others it would be too upsetting to deal with on the day and they would prefer to be invoiced at a later date. 

We try to be sensitive to your needs at such a difficult time. We do not request immediate payment following your pet’s demise, in the anticipation that full settlement of your account will be made when you collect your pet’s ashes. When no ashes are returned, a final account will be sent.

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