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Keyhole Spaying

Help get your bitch back to running around normally more quickly with a keyhole spay

It is difficult to keep a lively young dog quiet after an operation. With a keyhole spay this usually only need be for a couple of days, compared with the 10 to 14 days after a traditional spay. Laparoscopic (keyhole) spaying has several advantages:

  •  Smaller wounds

  •  Reduced pain

  •  Less risk of wound breakdown

  •  A faster recovery time

  •  Reduced stress

  •  Better visualisation

  •  Less internal trauma as only the ovaries are removed

We have been performing keyhole bitch spays at Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital for several years. The surgery is done through two small holes rather than one larger one. As with conventional spaying the best time is either before they have had a season (about 6 months old) or 3 to 6 months after a season has finished. Not all dogs are suitable, because they may be too big or too small or excessively fat. We do need to shave a bit more hair off for a keyhole spay, due to the positioning required during the procedure. Having a keyhole spay is a bit more expensive than the traditional spay, because of the extra cost of the equipment and expertise. Please telephone us on 01622 734555 to book a free nurse consultation, to receive further information and to assess the suitability of your pet.

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