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Teleconsultations- Currently suspended

This section of the website is for clients who already have a confirmed teleconsultation appointment booked with the practice. If you are concerned about the health of your pet and do not currently have an appointment booked, please call the practice before completing this page.

In order to get the most out of your teleconsultation, please gather the following information prior to your appointment. This should take around five minutes to complete. This information will be sent to the vet performing your pet’s consultation so that they can discuss it with you on the call. This will help them decide the best possible approach to treating your pet. Following your teleconsultation, the vet may recommend examining your pet further at the practice.

If, since booking your appointment, your pet’s symptoms have changed significantly or deteriorated, please phone us.

DO NOT do anything that may risk your personal safety or that of your pet.

Teleconsultation Form

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Pet's details

Information about your pet

Is your pet interacting with you and going about their daily routine as normal? (tick all that apply)

1. Demeanour:
2. Appetite:
3. Thirst:
Character (tick all that apply)
Change to urine (tick all that apply)
Character (tick all that apply)
Appearance (tick all that apply)
6. Vomiting:

7. Mobility

Can your pet move in a normal manner when stimulated to do so?
If not, imagine you are your pet, which of your limbs appears painful (tick all that apply).

8. Appearance:


a. Body condition

Does your pet look a normal shape, and feel normal to touch?

eg. Hold your pet and stand on scales: Pet's weight = (you + pet's weight) - your weight

b. Skin and coat condition:

Does your pet's coat condition appear normal? (tick all that apply)

9. Breathing

a. Character:

Is your pet breathing normally? Observe from a distance while your pet is resting.
If no, select which applies. Do any of the following apply? (tick all that apply)

b. Rate:

Whilst at rest and from a distance if possible, count the number of breaths your pet takes in 30 seconds then double it to give number of breaths per minute (each rise and fall of the chest wall is one breath).

If your dog is panting or your cat is purring this is not reliable, try again soon once they've stopped.

10. Mucous membranes:

Lift your pet's upper lip.

What colour is the gum above their top teeth?

(Some animals have lots of black pigment which obscures this).

Does the gum feel:

11. Heart rate:

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Data Protection: We will use the personal information you give us exclusively for the purposes of referrals. We will not pass on any of your details to any outside organisations or individuals unless with your express consent.