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PETS Emergency Service

PETS provides your pet with the exceptional care they deserve, out of practice hours.


Tel: 01622 734054

What is PETS?


PETS stands for: Pet Emergency Treatment Services.

We are a dedicated out of hours service put in place to provide care for your animals when your usual practice is closed. This emergency service is run from Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital in Maidstone. Operating from Newnham Court gives us access to up to date anaesthetic, surgical and laboratory equipment to ensure your pet has the best possible care. Our highly experienced and friendly night team provides complete emergency cover throughout the whole night, every weekend and bank holiday, 365 days a year.

Veterinary Surgeons must, by law, provide 24-hour emergency cover for their patients. Not to do so is an offence and could lead to the vet concerned being struck off the Register of Veterinary Surgeons. 

Historically one or more veterinary surgeons from every practice were on call at night and over weekends. These were the same vets who worked during the day, and they were often on duty for continuous 48 to 72 hour stretches. These long hours were detrimental to the health of the staff members involved, potentially making them unable to give their best to their patients.

We have separate staff that work the night hours only, so they are always refreshed and able to work to the best of their ability. 

We have both a veterinary surgeon and a veterinary nurse that stay on the premises out of hours. We can therefore respond promptly to any accidents or emergencies that occur giving you complete peace of mind that your pets will receive excellent care 24hours a day no matter how big or small the problem.

Should you pet have to stay with us over night, we have impeccable hospitalisation facilities with separate cat and dog wards, complete with home comforts such as blankets, low lighting and background music. Regular night checks and monitoring are in place throughout the night shift, the emergency team are fully trained to care for critical patients and are left in the very best hands. 

Who forms PETS?

PETS is formed by a group of veterinary practices in the Mid Kent area

To enhance our service to our clients and conditions for staff, in October 1998 a group of veterinary practices in the mid Kent area co-operated to form Pet Emergency Treatment Services Ltd (P.E.T.S) The participants of P.E.T.S are listed below:

  • Alphapet Veterinary Centre (Medivet)

  • Bearsted Veterinary Surgery (Medivet)

  • Borden Lane Vet Ltd

  • Companion Care (Chatham) Ltd

  • Companion Care (Maidstone) Ltd

  • Coxheath Veterinary Surgery

  • Green Lane Vets

  • Newnham Court Veterinary Group

  • Pattenden Veterinary Clinic

  • Pennards Vets Allington

  • Pennards Vets Maidstone

  • Pennards Vets Langley Park 

  • Pinebank Veterinary Surgery

  • Sandhole Veterinary Centre,

  • Stanhope Veterinary Centre (Medivet)

Where is PETS?

PETS is located near Junction 7 of the M20 motorway.

Directions to PETS from the M20

  • Leave M20 motorway at Junction 7 (A249) signposted Maidstone, Sheerness, Canterbury and Ramsgate.

  • At junction get in right hand lane and follow directions for Maidstone, A249. (Third exit from roundabout).

  • At next roundabout turn left, signposted Bearsted, Crematorium and Television studios.

  • Take first left into Notcutts Shopping Village.

  • Continue up the slope between the Pub on right and Oast house on left over two speed ramps.

  • P.E.T.S is located up at the top on the left hand side


Pet Emergency Treatment Services frequently asked questions.

Who keeps P.E.T.S running?

We have a fantastic night team that are just as passionate about your pets as you are, they are focused on improving the lives of your pets by providing 24hr quality care, comforting and reassuring you that they will be here and ready to care for your pet if they should get sick. Click here to meet the team. 

How do I contact the Emergency Centre?

Simply call your usual vet after routine surgery hours and you may be directed or Call us directly on our out of hour’s pet emergency treatment line on 01622-734054

Can I ring for advice?

All our veterinary staff are fully qualified to give advice over the phone and will do their utmost to help you resolve your situation with friendly advice on our direct number.

What do I do if my pet needs to be seen?

Please telephone us prior to coming down to the hospital. It is in the pet’s best interest that you do this as it ensures we are both prepared to see your animal as quickly as possible when you arrive and that we have all the necessary details and notes that we may need on hand. The staff will be waiting to receive your pet and administer any necessary treatment. If you arrive without contact us first the staff may not be able to admit you.

What if I don't have transport?

There are a few options we can suggest if you do not have transport:

  • Do you have a friend or neighbour that could bring you in?

  • We can provide local taxi companies telephone numbers


What if I am unable to move my pet?

The Staff at P.E.T.S. are always here to help and will be able to give you advice on how to move injured pets. Just like a human casualty unit all the necessary lifesaving facilities and equipment are located at the hospital.

Will I need to leave my pet?

There may come a time when the staff at P.E.T.S. will assess your animal and decide it is in the pet’s best interest to stay at the hospital overnight. We never forget that you pet is a member of your family and the care we provide reflects this, you can be reassured that your pet will always be comfortable safe and happy here with a member of staff on hand to tend to your pets every need.

When my pet has recovered, can I take him/her back to my usual vet?

Absolutely! Every day the clinical notes for your pet will be sent to your own practice so they are kept up to date and can carry on with further treatments as usual.  We will then arrange a collection time with you.

What if my pet is already receiving treatment? Will P.E.T.S. Have access to his/her records?

Out of hours emergency treatments do not require any pet records/notes, all we ask is that if your pet is on any medication that you bring this with you.

How much does it cost?

When the time comes to collect your animal payment will be expected as all payments are made to P.E.T.S. and not your usual practice. All major credit and debit cards are accepted as well as cheques. If you have pet insurance this should cover these fees and you should be able to reclaim them.

Can anyone use P.E.T.S?

No, only clients of participating practices may use the centre, since they are the ones funding it. Non-participating veterinary surgeons must provide their own cover. If a client of a non-subscribing practice cannot contact their own vet, P.E.T.S will see the patient after verifying that their own vet is unavailable.

If I am a client of another participating practice, do I bring emergencies or routine check-ups to Newnham Court Veterinary Group during the day?

No. P.E.T.S. is for out of hours treatment only. For emergencies during the day, or for routine check-ups, see your usual veterinary surgeon.

What are the opening hours of P.E.T.S?

The Emergency Centre is open from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. weekdays, Saturday afternoons from 12 noon, and all-day Sunday and Bank Holidays.

What do I do if I find a wildlife casualty or an injured stray dog or cat?

If you should come across a lost cat it is the responsibility of the RSPCA to deal with this you can contact them by calling 08705 555999. If a lost dog is found it is to be reported to the dog warden services either by phone on 01732876181 or email, if a dog appears to be dangerous please approach with caution and contact the police. You can find out more information on lost pets by checking your local government website and checking the services page.

Who do I contact if I am unhappy with the service or if I require more information?

For accounts queries contact the Accounts department during office hours on 01622 734555 option 4

Should you have a complaint please send it in writing to our Customer Services department where it will be dealt with in accordance with our complaints procedure.

Please note that for security reasons telephone calls made to Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital or Pet Emergency Treatment Services (Ltd.) will be recorded and may be monitored by the management.

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