Veterinary Team

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Jon Camilleri

Clinical Director - BVSc CertSAM MRCVS

​Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Medicine

I was born in Kent to an English mother and Maltese father, hence the unusual surname Camilleri which is as common as ‘Smith’ in Malta! Apart from residing in Kuwait when very young and in Bristol during my university days I have always lived in Kent.


I have wanted to be a vet since my early teens. There were no vets in my family to inspire this decision – a love of animals and the challenge of a varied and interesting career were my motivators. After qualifying in1997 I took a locum position as an equine vet at Newnham Court after ‘seeing practice’ as a veterinary student here for some years. That appointment quickly became a permanent position. After three years I switched to become a small animal practitioner at Newnham Court and I have been a small animal vet ever since.

In my early years I had aspirations to travel the world with my work. The furthest I reached was just north of the Dartford Tunnel! I was in sole charge of a small animal practice there for nearly a year and then moved to a practice in Ashford prior to rejoining the team at Newnham Court in 2011. During my time in Ashford I gained further qualifications studying for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Certificate in Small Animal Medicine. Juggling work with study was not easy but well worth the effort – advancing my knowledge in my area of special interest has been of great benefit to me and my patients. I also did it at the right time – with two young children in the household I now know how hard it would have been combining study with family life (even with a very understanding veterinary nurse as my wife!). As well as internal medicine my other areas of interest are diagnostic imaging and soft tissue surgery.

In 2015 I was awarded ‘advanced practitioner status’ in internal medicine. This is a ‘middle tier’ accreditation between the original veterinary degree (equivalent of general practitioner (G.P.)) and RCVS Specialist status ( equivalent of consultant in human medicine).

I have been lucky enough to have always worked in good veterinary practices but returning to Newnham Court has definitely felt like coming home and now, as a director, I am here to stay. I know I am working not only in a hospital standard practice with outstanding facilities but also in a practice where everyone else shares the same values as I do – doing what is best for your pet, and you. That is very important to me. That is why I am here.

Outside of work I enjoy the peace and solitude of fly fishing. I also enjoy photography, horse racing and cooking. I am a qualified scuba diver, although I only dive occasionally on holiday nowadays (the clarity of the waters off Malta are ideal).


Mark Fosbery

Clinical Director - BSc (Hons) BVMS MRCVS

I was born and brought up in west London. My birth was within the sound of Bow Bells so technically I am a London Cockney. I went to school in Palace Street in Victoria, not far from Buckingham Palace, although never did get an invitation to tea. From a very early age I was fascinated by animals, and by 11 had decided that I wanted to be a vet. This kept me motivated for my O and A levels. I also spent my Saturdays seeing practice at a nearby veterinary surgery. I was fortunate enough to get a place at Glasgow University, and left there as a qualified vet in 1989. During the veterinary course I undertook a second degree, gaining a 1st class Honours degree in Physiology.


Since 1994 I have been at Newnham Court. I enjoy all aspects of being a vet, and have particular interests in ultrasonography, endoscopy and keyhole surgery and soft tissue surgery. I have done many training courses in these areas over the years which have all helped me extend my knowledge. You never stop learning. I’m very proud to be part of the team at Newnham Court, which enshrines one of my principles of always being prepared to go the extra mile to achieve the highest possible standard of care.

Outside of work I have three children to keep me busy and entertained. I’ve always been particularly fond of greyhounds, and have owned several over the years. I currently have a lurcher called Basil.

In my spare time I particularly enjoy cycling, and in the summer months try my hand at some time-trialling which is a good challenge. I like getting out in the open air and going on long walks and kayaking.

Martin Smith.JPG

Martin Smith


I was born in Weymouth, Dorset and my family moved to Warrington in the north-west when I was six. I went to grammar school in Manchester and was set to become a marine biologist, being mad keen on all things fishy. However, the James Herriot books and seeing practice at the local vets changed all that and I qualified from the Royal “Dick” in Edinburgh in 1983.


I spent the first ten years of my career in small animal and equine practice, successively at Bath, Hastings and Canterbury. I started in the small animal side at Newnham Court in 1993 and became a partner in 1996. During that time I have seen the small animal department grow from three vets when I started to the current total of fifteen.

I have always had a keen interest in surgery and my particular areas could broadly be described as ears, bones and bums! I have been responsible for the orthopaedic caseload at Newnham Court for more than twenty-five years. During this time we have seen a vast numbers of cases in a wide range of species. In addition to cats and dogs, other animals we have treated include lions, tigers, goats, rabbits, owls and even a swan! I am able offer a wide range of orthopaedic surgeries including total hip replacement, advanced treatments for cruciate ligament disease (tibial plateau levelling osteotomy (TPLO) and tibial tuberosity advancement (TTA)), arthoscopy and a full range of fracture fixation, including locking plate technology.


I have an interest in practice management and was awarded the General Practitioners Certificate in Business and Professional Studies in 2006. I am a keen supporter of the process of practice accreditation and I am very proud that here at Newnham Court we have held Small Animal Hospital status since 1997.

I am the current president of the British Veterinary Hospitals Association. I am also a member of the Practice Standards Group, the committee at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons that lays down the criteria for the Practice Standards Scheme.

I live in Maidstone with my wife and our gorgeous and very spoilt and naughty terriers, Ruby and Poppy. While away from work I enjoy playing, collecting and building guitars and fishing; both fly-fishing for salmon and trout and sea-fishing from boats out of Brighton and Weymouth.


Nigel Davies

BVSc MMedVet(Med) CertVD GPCert (EM&S) MRCV

Animals of all kinds have always been very close to my heart, although truthfully I prefer to be a healthy distance from snakes. Growing up in South Africa, my childhood ambition was to become a game ranger, and live a carefree life in the wild open veldt.   At the age of 11, however, after realising that snakes and game rangers meet quite often, my new goal was to become a veterinarian to help sick dogs and cats get better. This amused my parents greatly as I reliably fainted at the sight of blood. Certain that my squeamish nature would force me into an arguably less bloody career (like Law), my Mom arranged for me to spend a day at our local veterinary practice when I turned 13.   The rest, as they say, is history – I spent every afternoon after school and most school holidays at Dr. Frost’s Veterinary Hospital seeing practice, and working there as a receptionist/dogsbody every weekend.

After qualifying from Onderstepoort Veterinary Faculty in Pretoria in 1980, and completing National Service, I worked with a specialist surgeon for 10 years. As he wasn’t keen on medicine and I wasn’t keen on surgery, we worked well together. My interest in internal medicine led to me studying further, taking up a lecturing position at the Medical University of South Africa, and becoming a Veterinary Specialist Physician in 1993.

Our family emigrated to the UK in 1994, and I joined Newnham Court Veterinary Group in March of that year, becoming a Partner in 1996. As many skin cases have an internal medicine component, the study of skin disease (Dermatology) was a natural step to take, and I obtained a Royal College post-graduate Certificate in  Dermatology in 2002.

Acupuncture fascinates me, and I’ve been treating dogs and cats (and occasionally myself, family members and friends) with needles since 1982.

Outside of work, spending time at home with my wife Judy, our children, two dogs, 3 rescue budgie and a rescue parrotlet keeps me off the streets and out of trouble. Judy and I have recently taken up birdwatching again and spend many glorious hours in the damp and cold. My other interests include Ancient Greek and Latin, resulting in Open University Degree in Classics in 2011.

Along with my wife and the two of our four children still living at home, I am a vegan for ethical reasons; consequently I have a keen interest in studying and promoting Animal Rights.

Dave Cocker


Dave qualified from the Cambridge Vet School in 1991 and has been working in small animal practice ever since.

He has been working at The Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital since 1997 and deals with most of the small animal species that walk through our door. He will happily see small furry pets, cage birds and tortoises although cats and dogs still make up the vast majority of the patients that Dave sees.

Dave is married with 2 daughters and has house full of animals; dogs, cats, guinea pigs and gerbils.

Dave’s main hobby is running. He regularly competes in road races ranging from 10k to marathons. He has run three marathons including the Flora London Marathon in 2007 and 2009.

Joanna Bednarska.jpeg

Joanna Bednarska


Joanna qualified in Poland in 2006, soon after, she took on a small animal vet position at the practice she had been helping at, and gaining her practical experience as a veterinary student in.

After completing her doctoral thesis, Joanna decided to move to the UK, along with her husband.  During the last 6 years she has been working in a busy, small animal practice in Wales and just recently has moved to Kent.

Her professional interests include; internal medicine, diagnostic imaging, critical care, dentistry and surgery. 

Over the last few years she has been taking part in voluntary neutering clinics, helping stray dogs and cats in Greece. 

In her spare time Joanna can be found exploring countryside together with her husband and their Gordon Setter. 


Sabine Kretschmer

Sabine qualified as a vet from Giessen in Germany, her home country, and following this had a very enjoyable time as a mixed practice vet (horses, farm animals and small animals) for 3 years, mainly in Germany.

She moved to the UK in December 2002. Here Sabine worked in and explored different parts of the country (Cambridgeshire, Devon and Suffolk)  to start with, before settling in Kent in 2005 where she has been focusing on a small animal practice, including 6 years of emergency / out-of hour work.

Whilst interested in all aspects of medicine and surgery she gained a further qualification in veterinary ophthalmology in 2011.

Sabine is delighted to be part of the Newnham Court Vet Group and values their high standards and the lovely and resourceful team.

Outside work her favourite things to do are rock climbing and sea kayaking.

Helen Grove.jpg

Helen Groves-De-Milleret


Having qualified from Edinburgh in 1987, I moved to Kent and have worked in the Garden of England ever since.  I describe myself as a companion animal general practitioner with interests in dentistry, soft tissue surgery, pain relief and rabbits.  I gained a Cert AVP (Certificate of Advanced Veterinary Practice) in 2016, concentrating mainly on soft tissue surgery and am considering studying for a similar level post grad qualification in small animal dentistry (when I can face yet more exams).

I live with my long suffering husband and son with a motley collection of pre-loved animals ranging from Sid the sheep to Hades the Leopard gecko.  In my free time I enjoy designing and stitching cross stitch samplers, making stained glass and long distance walking (I'm not built for speed!).

Giulia Baldoni.jpg

Giulia Baldoni


Giulia qualified from Bologna University (Italy) in 2013 and after working as a small animal vet in Italy for a couple of years, she decided to move to the UK in 2016. Since then she has been living here in Kent, enjoying the ‘Garden of England’ and working full time as a small animal vet surgeon.

Her main interests are neurology, emergency-critical care, surgery and internal medicine.

In her free time she loves practicing yoga, travelling and visiting relatives (and her beloved family dog) back in Italy.